When you’re trying to choose a professional contractor with specialized service, like a painter, it helps to knowa little something about their trade. Even if you have no intention of starting a DIY project, learning a bit about the products and methods involved can help you to weed out the inferior paints on the market, and find most knowledgeable painters in Lindale offering higher quality services.


Painters do more than their job title lets on. Their process covers prepping, priming, painting, and finishing. And while you may not think residential and commercial painting requires the same finesse as fine art painting, the attention to detail throughout every one of these steps makes a huge difference in the final results.

Industry tips from local painters in Lindale

  • Painters should never use bedsheets or other light fabrics to cover the floor, since paint can soak right through these. Using high quality drop cloths is absolutely necessary for any interior painting job.
  • Good painters never skip surface preparation. Any cracks, bumps, dust, dents or nails can result in an uneven finish. Any leftover gloss from previous coats that is not sanded down can also result in your Lindale home’s brand new paint peeling off in a matter of months!
  • Priming has a big impact on the final look of your topcoat. Some painters in Lindale might spot prime ceilings, but professionals will never spot prime walls since these will show through.
  • Any reputable painting company in Lindale equips its painters with a variety of equipment and brushes to choose from depending on the project at hand. For example, polyester brushes are stiffer, so these have great applications for exterior painting or textured surfaces, while nylon brushes are softer and better for interior painting.
  • Remodeling projects always look like organized chaos. At Reeves Painting, we never forget that “organized” is the operative word.. Experienced painters always know to work from the top down, making sure to leave the baseboard molding last to keep dirt from shifting from the floor onto the brush and into freshly painted crown or casement moldings.

If you’re looking for experienced, skillful painters to tackle your next interior or exterior painting project, contact Reeves Painting today for a free estimate!